Good Morning Bulgaria

Good morning Bulgaria, what a wonderful day, already 26 degrees and raising.

Nigel is doing well and is in good spirits in Targovishte hospital, Bulgaria where they are taking excellent care of him. The surgeon Dr Yavor Alexandrov even asked his daughter, who's studying in Glasgow, to come in and translate so Nigel is aware what's happening and what his options are. Simply amazing.

Nigel looks like he's making the most out of it, using the cover of a significant arm injury to hide his true intentions. With the four metal bars sticking out of his arm, and the huge bandage it obvious that he is being introduced to a secret organization experimenting with human-robotic hybrids.

In four days time, they expect to move him to a hospital in Veliko Tarnovo, closer to our mum's. They say it's because he will have recovered sufficiently to be moved, we believe it's because they are simply running out of drugs.

Nigel, how many elephants are in your room, not counting the pink ones?

After the accident we were unsure what to do, Nigel's message to us the next morning which crystallize our thoughts.


We've decided to carry on the rally, with only three teammates (including "Mule" the Gnome).
Yesterday morning we spent some time looking at the damage to the car, apart from the back roll bar the damage is only superficial.

car1 car2

We dropped Cuddles off to a local garage, yesterday morning. Much amusement followed. I guess they don't see many three wheel cars made of fiberglass around here.

We are off to check out progress on the car this afternoon.