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Original Post to Facebook on Friday 23rd July @ 22:01

Things have been a little quite from us over the last few days. We've been busy, I hope to update you all with our adventures soon.

Sadly it's with a heavy heart I have to tell you that at about 6pm we had an accident. Mirek and myself are unhurt, the same cannot be said for Nigel.
He's broken and badly damaged his arm, and undergoing surgery now. The doctor had just come out and told me, via sign language, that he is OK and should be out in three hours.
We crashed just outside Targovishte, Bulgaria. The ambulance was on site in less than five minutes and the hospital have staff have been wonderful, even with the language barrier.
I have to thank the two people that stopped and rang the emergency services. The second gentleman on the seen stayed around and helped out with translation until things were under control. I didn't get his name, but if you happen to read this. Thank you.
The police have also been wonderful, friendly and helpful. The first officer that was onsite was great with us, even though we didn't speak the same language.
While, giving thanks I also want to say thank you to Mirek. First out of the car he stayed completely calm and went to work keeping the pressure on Nigel's arm to stem the bleeding, and keep Nigel reassured.
A sad juncture. Over the next few days, we need to decide what happens next.
I'll keep you updated with Nigel's progress.


More to follow shortly.