Day #2: Polish vanguard of the Rally

Yesterday was a fantastic, the lap of honour around Goodwood race course, the BikeBoat land ship and all the fantastically decorated cars.

Our team have called in on Mirek’s family for hello’s, BBQ’s and (very significantly) vodka tasting. Our timescale to reach Mirek’s family was always tight. A last minute oil change and repack at Dover made it almost impossible.

Letting down family is bad, so we’ve been testing our theory that a three man team can drive continually by rotating driver, navigator and backseat sleeper. We’ve driven almost non-stop since leaving the ferry at 9pm on Saturday. The theory sort of works, but on anything rougher than German autobahn risks rocking the rester to coma rather than sleep.

A one-hour communal sleep stop between 7am-8am and we arrived just after noon, a mere 2 hours late. Since we’ve chosen a family visit over tonight’s big rally party in the Czech Republic, we are the furthest west of any rally team.

our position on 20th July on the rally tracker

The Spot tracker is working well so you can follow our progress at 5minute intervals on The official rally tracker

Cuddles our ever supportive Reliant Robin sustained 80 mph without falling to pieces. We’re all warming to this ridiculous little car. Thanks to exported Mr Bean programs the brand has the same comedy reputation on the continent it does Britain.

There’s a whole second post we need to write about the fabulous well-wishers we’ve met on route, you’re all awesome but today is family time and investigating our white oil burning exhaust smoke….

One quick safety warning before closing: When returning to your village and waving to passersby do not forget which side of the road your native land drives on. Forgetting while turning left into oncoming traffic is particularly ill-advised. The approaching lorry driver will not laugh it off the way your teammates do. On the other hand, he will be allowed to forget it :-)