You're doing what?

Three IT guys, 16 thousand miles, deserts, mountain ranges, wild river crossings and other fun stuff in a Reliant Robin - what could possibly go wrong, right?

That's just what we thought too!

What the **** is the mongol rally?

Glad you asked, the idea is simple. Take a rubish car from UK to Mongolia, there's no route, no support, you are on your own with scorpions, snakes wild natives and the nutters that agreed to go with you1

Meet the Mongol Rally!

Mongol Rally

Err, but why?

To raise much-needed funds for Merseyside Asbestos Victim Support Group and for the fun of it. MAVS provides invaluable help and support to those who suffer from asbestos-related diseases when they need it most. They also help to raise awareness and lobby against asbestos related crimes against humanity worldwide.

Asbestos Victim Facts

  1. Although our personal favourite is the bubonic plague, yep they still have the black death!

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