Good Morning Bulgaria

Good morning Bulgaria, what a wonderful day, already 26 degrees and raising. Nigel is doing well and is in good spirits in Targovishte hospital, Bulgaria where »


Firstly, sorry for the people that are following along only on the blog, we updated the Facebook community page with this two days ago. It's just »

A small(s) matter

Many people think Mongol ralliers are simply mobile gap year drunkards with no sense of decorum or correct behaviour. Nothing could be further from the truth. »

About us

They say the way to get the true measure of someone is to ask their friends - in this spirit we've written each others introduction. David »

Which Car?

So we've talked a lot about what car is worthy enough, and it's been a rollercoaster. We've considered: In fact, we admit it, we even sent »

You're doing what?

Three IT guys, 16 thousand miles, deserts, mountain ranges, wild river crossings and other fun stuff in a Reliant Robin - what could possibly go wrong, »